About me

I am an advocate for people who have disabilities and I specialize in the area of disability and spirituality. I was born with a birth defect called spina bifida which has left me unable to walk, but it has in no way left me unable to do the things I set out to do. My mentality has been a key factor in the quality of life I have, and it’s a big factor for you too whether you recognize it or not.

I graduated with my Bachelors degree in Family Studies from Abilene Christian University in fall of 2013.

My faith is extremely important to me and that is reflected in my approach to advocacy for people with disabilities. I firmly believe God has a grand purpose for my disability and that purpose was never to be a depressed or overlooked person. I believe all people with disabilities have a set of positive skills that are often not seen by much of society. I want to help those people unlock the power associated with the skills they possess.

I am extremely passionate about relationships. I firmly believe that everyone can improve their quality of life if they seek to improve their relationships with others, with God, and also with themselves. It is my passion in life to help people with disabilities and their families overcome any of the hurdles that a disability would throw at them. I also envision a culture in which people with disabilities are recognized as having spiritual gifts and given opportunities to use those gifts within the context of a faith community (i.e. church). I hope you benefit from the things you read, listen to, and watch on my website. May God bless you on your journey through life’s ups and downs.