Boxing gloves promoting Bible?

Over the past several months I have been under a self spiritual evaluation, more specifically in the area of my teaching techniques. What I uncovered within myself is a very big change in regards to the way I expose people to The Truth found within the pages of God’s Word. I used to attempt to bring others to know Christ with ‘boxing gloves’ on so-to-speak. The tactics I used were used in such a way to scare the person into believing. I mainly would talk to them about what it takes to become a part of the body of Christ and also what the concequences were for the person who was not in God’s Church but had no background on who they were or made any attempt to build a relationship whatsoever. Now I see Christianity as more friendship-based than cramming doctrine down peoples throats. Maybe its always been this way and I just missed the boat….who knows. I see now that Christianity is more than teaching and preaching, its about relationships. Its about going out on the weekends with people, taking them to dinner maybe, and letting them see Christ working in my life. In my opinion thats far more effective than simply sitting down with a person off the streets who I do not know and laying out the plan of salvation for them. While yes the ‘boxing glove’ tactics do work, people want to know that I care for them and their well being before they listen to what I have to say. I’ve found that statement to be crucial in not only my teaching role but in every aspect of my Christ-based life and in the relationships I have with other people. Take my words into consideration in every Bible study you are planning to set up…I believe it will do some good.

In Him,


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