Relationships 101: I love you

Why is it that Christians (or at least most of the ones I know) don’t say that very much, if at all, anymore? Members of the body of Christ do not show love towards their fellow brothers and sisters and many of them simply see them one morning a week and that’s it. This attitude appalls me. I know I am just as guilty as the next person of having “Sunday only” fellowship with my fellow Christians, which is why I am compelled to write this. We should be a people who yearn to be around each other, not simply acquaintances. Not only has The Church as a whole stopped saying I love you, but more specific than that Christian men do not share those words as much as they should. Why is it looked down upon and labeled homosexual for two Christian men to say I love you? It sickens me that society has so warped The Church into thinking that an essential Biblical concept is shunned. I, for one, am by no means ashamed to tell another brother in Christ that I love him… cause I certainly do love them. Christians should not be affraid to show, much less tell, another Christian they love them. Two men saying I love you is not homosexual in-and-of itself and in my opinion should be said far more between two faithful children of God.

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