Is the Good News still good?

Current events lately have caused me to take a step back and look at the current state of Christianity in our society. Sadly what I see concerns me. We are bombarded with messages that read along the lines of “gay people are gonna burn in hell” or “terrorism is God reacting to our sin” or we even see instances of church leadership abusing small children. It seems to me that the Good News that Christ died to promote is no longer good in our society. America desperately needs more messages of redemption, grace, and mercy and less fear, anger, and dogma. We as Christians need to reclaim the title of the hands and feet of Jesus and keep it from becoming a cliche any longer. Christians are many times the major path that some people have to Christ and sadly we often turn people away from Christ rather than to Him because we don’t make the Good News seem good anymore. So today I challenge you. Will you be Good News to someone who needs it?

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