Myths about people with disabilities debunked

Myth 1) A wheelchair bound person is chronically ill.

Fact: Not all people who use wheelchairs are ill. A wheelchair is a device that aids people in being more mobile. A persons inability to walk many times has nothing to do with their brains ability to function at a normal level. I know many people with disabilities who can have deep meaningful conversations and have contributed great things to their community and to society as a whole.

Myth 2) People with disabilities never like talking about their disabilities.

Fact: Many people with disabilities don’t mind it, in fact most people with disabilities would much rather you ask and get accurate information about that person rather than assuming something and being completely wrong. Now I know there are exceptions to everything and I know there are some people who become defensive when asked about their disability but their reaction is their fault not yours. If we are going to bridge the gap between people with disabilities and mainstream society we must be willing to openly have these kind of conversations. 

Myth 3) People with disabilities are always looking for help.

Fact: People with disabilities more often than not just want the chance to do things on their own without someone running to their rescue. As previously stated, I recognize that this is not always the case and that some people want the easy way out and take advantage of people’s willingness to help them. Let me be clear on this next point. If you run to the rescue of a person with a disability every time they ask then you are doing them an incredible disservice. You’re fishing for them rather than teaching them to fish. There will always be a gap between mainstream society and the disabled community if we do not first let people with disabilities try things for themselves.

Myth 4) The disabled community will always be disadvantaged in society.

I firmly believe that people with disabilities can do great things in spite of their disability. We must first overcome some barriers that are in place but it can be done. It is through this blog and my other forms of media that we can change the culture enough that people with disabilities will be seen as equal to their peers and to be given the same chances others have gotten.

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