Equal opportunity social justice

This past week we saw one of the highest profile court cases in the history of DFW within my lifetime. Amber Guyger was convicted of killing Botham Jean and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Some were relieved that a police officer was held accountable for her actions, some were awe-struck at the image of forgiveness we saw when Botham’s brother Brandt Jean hugged Amber Guyger in the court room, and many others were outraged at such a seemingly short sentence for Guyger. Needless to say emotions were and still are all over the place. While that trial was going on, another murder trial was underway, but you probably didn’t hear about that one. On Sunday September 22nd 2019 police responded to the home of 30 year old Joel Parks only to find him deceased. Mr. Parks was an adult with a disability and was unable to take care of himself. He was under the care of his grandmother, someone he loved and trusted, during the weekend and was at a group home during the week. Parks grandmother admitted she gave him a fatal dose of an unknown substance when police arrived and questioned her because she was concerned who would take care of her grandson when she passed. Instances like this occur at a staggering rate, over 70 cases of people with disabilities being murdered in 2019 alone so far. But you’d never know that because the media picks and chooses who we should focus on. The simple truth is you cannot rationally be against racism and not condemn ableism. You cannot rationally be pro-life and condemn abortion if you are not willing to condemn unjust murder in all its forms. We cannot pick and choose who receives social justice and who doesn’t. When one person is oppressed and we fight for that cause we must be willing to fight for unjust actions in whatever form they take. But you wouldn’t believe that because the media tells us what to believe.

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