Equal opportunity social justice

This past week we saw one of the highest profile court cases in the history of DFW within my lifetime. Amber Guyger was convicted of killing Botham Jean and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Some were relieved that a police officer was held accountable for her actions, some were awe-struck at the image of [...]

Awareness and change

I've spent most of my adult life in various disability advocacy circles with a wide range of disabilities at their focus and I'm beginning to see a pattern. Many groups focus very hard on spreading awareness and giving out information so that a certain level of knowledge is obtained. While their efforts were great and [...]


Men from the beginning of time have been tasked with being the provider and source of stability for the rest of society. Much, if not sometimes all, of a mans self worth is placed on his performance. Not only are men expected to climb the corporate ladder in order to provide the latest and greatest [...]