Why did God choose for me to have Spina Bifida?

I've been involved in church basically my whole life. I've participated in youth retreats, led devotionals, spoken in front of numerous congregations on a list of topics, and lost count of the number of Bible studies I've prepared. But that doesn't mean my faith has always been solid. Many times I have questioned if God [...]

The Price of being Disabled

One only needs to watch movies like Radio or Simon Birch to notice the light that people with disabilities are cast in within our society. Words like "inspirational" and "brave" are often used in stories to describe people with disabilities overcoming the odds to achieve a goal they set for themselves. While these instances are [...]

Awareness and change

I've spent most of my adult life in various disability advocacy circles with a wide range of disabilities at their focus and I'm beginning to see a pattern. Many groups focus very hard on spreading awareness and giving out information so that a certain level of knowledge is obtained. While their efforts were great and [...]


Men from the beginning of time have been tasked with being the provider and source of stability for the rest of society. Much, if not sometimes all, of a mans self worth is placed on his performance. Not only are men expected to climb the corporate ladder in order to provide the latest and greatest [...]