Services I offer

My approach to advocacy is a mind, body and spirit approach. I want to serve you as a whole person with whatever your needs may be. What sets me apart from other disability advocates is my personal experience with a permanent disability. Most advocates you will find know what it looks like to have a disability, but unlike those advocates I know what it looks and feels like to have a disability. My perspective about advocacy is completely unique, and I will use that perspective to best serve you. Some services I offer are:

Accessibility (public) 

One of the most frustrating things about being wheelchair bound is that I have had to experience public places in which their accessibility or lack thereof made it hard for myself and others like me to use their facilities. I want to be a resource for you so that you can avoid some of the problems I faced in the past and I want to advocate on your behalf if you have a bad experience.

Accessibility (personal) 

Having a home is part of the American dream, and psychologist Abraham Maslow describes it as a basic need that all human beings require. Unfortunately I know that having a disability can make being independent difficult. But having navigated through things such as housing and transportation for persons with a disability I have experienced those difficulties and I can help you navigate them as well so that the process towards your independence is as smooth as possible.

Advocacy in Education

Growing up my education was not easy. I was diagnosed with a learning disability at an early age and it made learning difficult. As your advocate I want to help you navigate through the challenges that a educational institution offers.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Are you as a person with a disability having a hard time finding a job? I can help. Having over 8 years of experience working as a person with a disability I know the problems that can arise that would make holding a job difficult. Let me assist you in finding your most marketable skills and putting those skills to use in a job you love.

Consultation to families of children with disabilities

I realize that having a child with a disability poses many challenges. Having lived with a disability for over 26 years I know exactly what those challenges can be. Let me help you navigate those challenges so that certain headaches are avoided and that your family member reaches his or her fullest potential as a person.

Spiritual Mentoring

God has a purpose for every person, even persons with disabilities. Having a disability often poses some questions in the realm of spirituality. I have wrestled with some difficult questions directed at God, and still find myself wrestling from time to time. As a spiritual mentor I want to journey with you through your spiritual questions. I guarantee that there is a purpose for your disability and that God can and will use you as a person with a disability to do great things.

Theological Interventions

Many churches today view people with disabilities as their target group they need to minister to. While I agree with this to a certain extent, I also believe that many churches are missing out on great opportunities to let people who have disabilities engage in the ministries that churches are doing. I am available as a resource for churches to conduct seminars on the theology of disability. Please contact me if your church is interested in hosting a seminar on the theology of disability.